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Thinking of buying a new Green Logic Leka solid roof? Well you have come to the right place! 

Why choose us? Decades of experience in the building trade and our previous customers love us!


Dedicated installation manager with a direct line to answer any questions you have before, during and after completion.

We have a great relationship with the building inspector, meaning quicker sign offs and our products are pre approved for use so no lengthy applications before installation!



First, 'Glass Reinforced Plastic' rafters are added to your existing conservatory window frames, including a GRP structural ring beam, rafters and ridge. GRP is not prone to:

  • wood worm

  • moisture absorption such as traditional timber

  • condensation

  • thermal bridging such as bulky Aluminium alternatives.

The beginning of your improved conservatory roof insulation.


Insulated Celotex sheets are snugly fitted with a 15mm gap from the internal Leka sheets. Celotex is one of the UK's leading insulation specialists, providing high value thermal efficiency and BBA certified and a significant benefit in achieving a better conservatory roof insulation efficiency level.



Finally, a high quality Tapco or Metrotile roof is added.
Both Tapco and Metrotile offer a classic roof finish dependant on your property and required cosmetic look.
These lightweight alternatives to concrete tiles or slate really do make the LEKA systems overall finish stand out as much as the main structures attributes do



Next, internal Leka sheets are added underneath the GRP rafters. The Leka sheets are 100% waterproof and one third the weight of plasterboard.
These sheets have unique thermal qualities as well, but allow for a traditional plaster skim finish to provide a nice visual aspect ready for painting afterwards.

guard 6.jpg


Offering the rooftop quality and style for which Metrotile is renowned, Metrotile Shingle, Bond and Roman have been designed with a unique “hidden fix: system that also enables the product to double as an excellent vertical cladding solution.
This is because the hidden-fix design leaves no nail exposed, preventing rainwater from corroding the nails, a common weakness of traditional vertical cladding.Metrotile is available in a variety of  colours, and can be fixed from vertical, down to a minimum pitch of 15°.
It is the ideal profile for those looking for a simple and elegant roofing solution.


Leka systems has chosen to utilize the Tapco Slate  product range through careful evaluation of all leading brands not just in the UK but throughout the Globe when matching a Slate tile house roof.
Choosing a Tapco material to complete the overall look of your new conservatory roof is as important as the quality and technology beneath the surface and we are proud to work with Tapco to provide this to you.


The Team

We only use employed tradesmen and no subcontractors. Simon, Ashley and James have decades of experience between them and work tirelessly until the job is complete.


Prior to installation Simon the installation manager will come and inspect the site, make sure the existing frames and basework will pass as suitable to take the new roof. He will also take technical measurements for the manufacturing of the materials.


2 weeks prior to the start we notify the council for the work to commence and pay the fee (inc in our price)


Day 1, Ashley and James aim to have your old roof off, removed from site and your new one on and at least felted so it's water tight again, sometimes if the weather is good to us we have it tiled too.


Day 2, The team then insulate and board the roof with the insulation and finish off the roof tiling and lead work.


Day 3, Ashley and James put all the new guttering and down pipes in place along with the fascia and soffit. Bradley the electrician at this point completes the first fix for the required spot lights. 


Day 4, James will board the ceiling and plaster it for you and tidy up any left mess.


Day 5, Bradley returns to second fix the spot lights and makes sure everything works after testing the switches and lights.


After the job is complete we will arrange for the Building Inspector at JHAI to issue you a completion certificate. Job done!

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