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Warm Aluminium

Thousands of hours of research and development have
resulted in a radical new approach to high performance
aluminium frames. The result is Warm Aluminium, which
thermally outperforms other leading aluminium products
by at least 25%.

At the heart of our products is a PVC thermal core,
encased in a strong and stylish aluminium construction.
This unique thermal core is the key to our unbeatable
energy efficiency, and offers customers the stylish look of
aluminium without compromising on heat loss.

Performance and style

In a market where Traditional aluminium doors
struggle to meet current legislation, forcing
you to choose aluminium aesthetics and finish
over thermal performance -WarmCore gives
you both.


Reduces heat loss & saves you money

This design philosophy has produced a folding
sliding door that helps keep fuel bills lower
and heat in your home, whilst retaining the
sleek and architectural look of aluminium.


Thermally efficient structure

This unique composite construction creates
the most thermally efficient folding sliding door
in its class.

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